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Summer 22/23 update


We are now 2 grading games into what has been a fantastic start to the Summer 22/23 season!

Following the completion of last season after several COVID interrupted seasons, it appears basketball is back in a big way with the MEBA/GEBC competitions seeing a massive 14.5% increase in the number of teams registered this season.

There are 724 teams - up from 632 in Winter.


Given the significant increase in team numbers, the competitions all have significantly more games to be fixtured each day/night. This may mean additional timeslots, additional venues or both being required to fit all matches in.

Monday Girls - this competition has growth requiring an extra few games each week. To fit these games in, the competition will be utilising courts across Forest Hill and Mullauna with 2x games added at 6:30pm at Nunawading.

Friday Boys – this competition has grown from 114 teams to 137 teams. This has resulted in a further 11 games being required on Fridays. The competition will start to fixture games at Wheelers Hill SC and will resume using Wesley College.

Due to venue constraints and the increase in Friday team numbers, the fixtures for the last 2 weeks looked different to those of the rest of the season. To fit all matches in, games were scheduled to start at 4:15pm and at 10:15pm. Wheelers Hill SC has also been added as a venue. These timeslots should not be required from here on as games will be played at Nunawading (10 games) and Wesley College (8 games). All FNJ games should be concluded by 9:30pm (8:45pm last game start).

Saturday - Given the significant increase in team numbers, the Saturday GEBC competition will have an additional 33 games each week. Nunawading Basketball have been able to gain access to Norwood SC for the season and will run 16 games out of this venue. While most satellite venues will run a timeslot or two later than previous seasons to fit the games in, they have been able to keep the days play ending at 7:15pm (last match starting at 6:30pm) so that families can enjoy the longer daylight hours over the summer months.


As was the case for the past couple of seasons, where possible, grades will have 6 teams and avoid split grades. Given the significant increase in team numbers, there is an increased number of grades within each age group.


Work has been done to improve the fixturing process which will see fixtures “blocked” into times per age group.

For example:

U08's - 08:00am, 08:45am, 09:30am

U10's - 08:00am, 08:45am, 09:30am, 10:15am, 11:45am

U12's - 10:15am, 11:00am, 11:45am, 12:30pm, 01:15pm

U14's - 12:30pm, 01:15pm, 02:00pm, 02:45pm, 03:30pm

U16's - 03:30pm, 04:15pm, 05:00pm, 05:45pm, 06:30pm

U18's - 04:15pm, 05:00pm, 05:45pm, 06:30pm

This process has been implemented to provide teams with greater consistency, however these timings may still be subject to changes. After grading, the aim is to release the remainder of the seasons’ fixture.


During the return from COVID restrictions, the competition provided greater flexibility in regards to fill-ins. Given the current rules (or minimisation thereof by Government) the competition will now be returning to the fill-in criteria as detailed in the By-Laws. All players filling in for a team must meet the criteria detailed in the By-Laws within the Age/Grade Grid. This information is located on the Nunawading Basketball website:


Players that have their name entered courtside for a match (who aren’t a one-off fill-in) must formally register after 3 games. We run a fill-in report via PlayHQ and will be asking anyone who plays 3 games to register into the team.


Despite strong growth in referee numbers over the past year (currently 148, up from 107), the significant increase in games means an increase in green shirt referees. Please refer to our last post for further information.


ALL walkovers must be submitted through Teammo. By processing all walkovers through Teammo, notification of the walkover is more efficient for the opposition, referees, venues, competition administration etc with all being informed simultaneously and avoiding issues of teams turning up for no reason.


All scorers/team managers are encouraged to take a photo of the final score on the computer/table at the end of the game as a backup in case there are issues with the system.

If you require any further information, please contact our Age Group Coordinators: Shaana Loader at or Sharon Piening at

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