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*** Winter 2021 Awards ***

Congratulations to everyone!

Midweek Teams:

Monday G10.1 Frances McGrath - Most Improved Monday G14.1 Samara Dulvin - Most Valuable Friday B10.1 James Crilly - Most Improved Friday B10.2 Lisandro Azubel - Most Determined Friday B12.1 Jamaal Duhovic - Team Player Friday B14.1 Leonardo Macaro - Most Determined Friday B14.2 Ryan Qi - Team Player Friday B16.1 Nikolas Christodoulou - Team Player

Saturday Teams:

B10.1 Zackary Zervos - Coaches Award B10.2 Jack Bowman - Most Consistent B10.3 William Powell - Most Determined B10.4 Elijah Zakhem - Most Improved B10.5 Harry Gifford - MVP B10.6 Hudson Port - Most Determined B10.7 Benjamin White - Most Determined B10.8 Zian Van Schalkwyk - Most Determined B10.9 Blake Prack - Most Consistent B10.10 Caspar Lee - MVP B12.1 Romeo Cuberes - Coaches Award B12.2 Kristian Bozic - Most Consistent B12.3 Angus Lord - Little General Award B12.4 Vicente Ayala - Best Teamwork B12.5 Aidyn Viskas - Best Lockdown Defender B12.6 Oliver Haebich - Most Determined B12.7 Justin Ye - Most Consistent B12.8 Ethan How - Most Determined B12.9 Mingyi Shi - Determination Award B12.10 Caiyi Ou - Most Improved B14.1 Lachlan Elford - MVP B14.2 Jackson Barnwell - Team Spirit B14.3 Thomas Mccluskey - Best Team Mate B14.4 Costa Spiteri - Most Improved B14.5 Harry Haebich - MVP B14.6 Mark Sassine - Great Team Player B14.7 Benjamin Mahon - Most Improved B14.8 Justin Dang - Most Determined B14.9 Yaasin Ali - Team Player B16.1 Jordyn Hatzinikolaou - Mr Reliable B16.2 Mitchell White - Best Scorer B16.3 Hunter Shrimpton - Coaches Award B16.4 Jacob Sims - Most Determined B16.5 Yathushan Kantheepan - Pat Bev Award B16.6 Oscar Wadeson - Most Consistent B16.7 Jue Lyas Law - MVP B16.8 Luke Kydd - Most Determined B16.9 James Valiontis - Most Improved B18.1 Mitchell Boyce - Most Consistent B18.2 Cooper George - Team Player B18.3 Tom Bower - Outstanding All Rounder B18.4 Jack Hilliard - Coaches Award B18.5 Manu Padmaraagam - Most Determined B18.6 Yianni Gkiokas - Coaches Award G10.1 Mia Denney - Most Consistent G10.2 Illiana Karakostas - Team Player G10.3 Catherine J. - Most Determined G12.1 Madeline Garbutt - Great Team Player G12.2 Natalie Klonis - Most Determined G12.3 Elena Djurovic - MVP G14.1 Gemma Patane - Most Versatile G14.2 Kerenza Martin - Most Improved G14.3 Mia Curtis - Most Determined G14.4 Rylie Halwalage - Most Improved G14.5 Chloe Li - Most Improved G16/18.1 Bridget Hollard - Most Valuable G16/18.2 Ellie Martini - Most Consistent G16/18.3 Charlotte O'Shea - Great Team Player G16/18.4 Alexis Kanellakis - MVP

A big congratulations to all of our award winners for Winter 2021. Once we are out of lockdown, we will advise how you can collect your trophies!

A big thank you to our Coaches and Team Managers who kindly volunteered this season and of course, all of our parents and carers getting our players to training sessions and games!

Stay tuned for the announcement of our Summer 2021/22 teams once we get confirmation on when the season will commence.

Stay safe and GO WAVERLEY!

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