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Coaching with Waverley

Waverley Basketball Club has a skilled team of volunteer coaches. 

Coach development is supported by the club and are supported by the coaching coordinator.

If you as a parent or extended family are interested in coaching please contact us.

We also support, mentor and champion Junior Coaches. If you are interested in becoming a junior coach please contact the coaching co-ordinator


Coaching Resources

  1. 2-2-1 Press – Complete Coaching Guide

  2. 50 Basketball Dribbling Drills – Develop an Amazing Handle 

  3. Amoeba Defence

  4. Playing with Confidence - Pete Maunder

  5. Defensive Shell Drill

  6. The Flex Offensive - the flex offense has been proven to work at all levels of basketball. It is a staple offense among many junior teams 

  7. Motion Offense Drills

  8. Coaching Philosophy and Points of Emphasis

  9. Simplifying the Triangle Offensive

  10. Excellent resource outlining the Pack Line Defence

  11. An introductory guide for beginner coaches to teach the skills and rules of basketball

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