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Congratulations to 60 of our teams that made it to finals starting with the first game tonight!





B12.1 B12.2

B14.1 B14.2

B16.1 B16.2 B16.3 B16.4 B16.5



B10.1 B10.2 B10.3 B10.4 B10.6 B10.7 B10.8 B10.9

G10.1 G10.3 G10/12.5

B12.1 B12.3 B12.5 B12.6 B12.7 B12.8 B12.9 B12.11

G12.1 G12.2 G12.3 G12.4

G14.1 G14.2 G14.4

B14.1 B14.2 B14.4 B14.7 B14.8 B14.9 B14.10

B16.1 B16.2 B16.3 B16.4 B16.5 B16.6 B16.7 B16.9 B16.10

G16/18.1 G16/18.2 G16/18.3 G16/18.4

B18.2 B18.5

A reminder that our U8 teams do not play finals. U8 teams continue to play whilst the older age groups play finals - their last round is Saturday 16 September 2023.

Final training sessions for U8 teams are in the week commencing Monday 11 September.

For the rest of our teams, finals dates are follows:


Monday Competition - 4 September Friday Competition - 8 September Saturday Competition - 9 September

Grand Finals:

Monday Competition - 11 September Friday Competition - 15 September Saturday Competition - 16 September

A few things to note as we head into finals:-

  • If your team is not in a split grade then the top 4 teams play finals.

  • If your team is in a split grade (e.g. A/A1, C3/4) then the top 8 teams play finals.

  • Please ensure to check Play HQ at the end of the season to determine your ladder position and whether or not your team has made finals.

  • Each team will need to provide a competent scorer for all finals.

  • Teams will continue to train whilst they remain in the competition.

If your team does not make finals your last training session will be this coming week. Teams are asked to let their Age Group Coodinator and Venue Coordinator know when they have finished training at

Further information will be communicated to teams closer to finals - including more details of our Presentation Day!

Good luck to all of our teams - GO WAVERLEY!

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