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Please help by only speaking to the Mentors of trainee referees.

This season you will see lot of new green shirt trainee referees each week - refereeing 240+ games - at all venues and all grades.

Trainee referees start next to their assigned mentor and as they improve, they are moved to running opposite their mentor. This process from beginning to becoming an accredited referee usually takes around 40 games of training. With approximately 45 extra junior games each week, the support of these trainees is essential to get to a point where there are 2 striped referees on every game possible.

We are asking everyone that is involved in a game to speak only with the MENTORS of the green shirts and not to criticise or dispute the calls of any referee in training.

We also ask everyone to keep in mind that all referees are doing their best. There will be decisions you might not agree with but overall without them, there would not be a game. There is plenty of signage up to remind you of this!


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